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World Poker Tour


Brand New

No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Plug & Play TV Game

Welcome to the World Poker Tour where high stakes, million dollar pots and Texas Hold 'Em rule. TV Games World Poker Tour is the ultimate version of the most exciting Poker game ever! Pull up a chair and get ready to match wits and money against your fellow man because this is Poker like you've never seen before... Are you in?

  • Seasoned pros and beginners alike will get caught up in the excitement of the nation's favorite pastime gone competitive sport. It takes Cunning, Skill and Nerve...
  • On-screen Tutorials - Featuring tips for beginners to experts, from How To Play The Game, to How To Read Your Opponent. It takes a minute to learn, a lifetime to master!
  • Up to 6 Players - Deal yourself into the game along with up to five friends... or create computer opponents! Customize players to match your skill level.
  • This is the Big Deal - Think you've got what it takes? Enter the virtual WPT Championship, traveling month to month across the globe until you reach the final table in Vegas
  • Profiles, winnings and tournament standings are always saved, so you can leave the game and return again at any time! Shuffle Up and Deal!


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