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18-Key Number Pad


Brand New

The USB Number Pad for notebooks is the way to stop struggling with your notebook PC's number keys. This attractive outboard number pad lets you work much quickly, easily, and accurately in spreadsheets and other productivity applications. It includes a full array of keys and is light and thin enough to pack, carry, and connect with ease.

  • This portable 18-key keypad is for your notebook computer. It can save you time for specially for inputting numerical data.

  • Great for travel; so small it fits in your pocket

  • The compact size is suitable for playing games

  • Mildew & water resistant

  • Washable & hygienic

  • 18 Keys Layout

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/XP

  • This keypad requires standard USB port

  • High quality super thin key caps for easy typing

  • Air touch "silent" type keyboard



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