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SATA RAID Controller Card w/IDE Port


Brand New

Serial ATA (SATA) RAID PCI Controller Card.  Includes two internal & one external SATA connections and one Parallel ATA133 connection. Includes main card, drivers/manual on CD & one SATA cable bulk packed (no retail box).

  • Supports RAID Level 0, 1, & JBOD

  • Complies with PCI local bus specs v2.2

  • Supports PCI 2x mode

  • Single channel master mode PCI supporting two enhanced IDE drives

  • Support ATA PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2 & Ultra-DMA mode 6

  • IDE drive transfer up to 133MB/second per channel

  • SATA drive transfer up to 150MB/second per channel

  • Complies with Serial ATA specification 1.0

  • Dual channel master mode PCI supporting up to four Serial ATA devices



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