Aladdin Advance XT

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Aladdin Advance XT V1.0-1.6


The Aladdin Advance XT mod chip (similar to the Xenochip) is made for those looking for an affordable way to modify their Xbox, yet still desire the features of the most exclusive mod chips. Loaded with features such as Xbox Live compatibility, and all Evolution-X software compatibility, this 4th generation Xbox chip is the least expensive full-featured mod chip on the market. With affordable price and easy installation, it is sure to suit for anyone with minimal experience with Xbox modification.

With an unbelievably low price, this mod chip allows the user to play all backups, homebrews and original imports without the need of swapping or patching the games. When the Aladdin XT is activated with Evox bios, it allows the user to play backup games straight from DVD-Rís and even DVDís without a remote. The mod chip also allows the user to store games on the Xbox hard-drive for easy access.

Not only is Aladdin Advance XT inexpensive for its features, it is also compatible with all Xbox versions 1.0 to 1.6 (NEW!).  The Aladdin XT comes pre-flashed (upgraded) with Evox M8 BIOS (LBA48-06/IGR) bios, 256k BIOS banks, and can be shut off for online gaming with a touch of a button. With features of the Aladdin Advance 64, Aladdin 32 and the Aladdin Plus, it is the perfect bargain mod chip for even the newest versions (version 1.6) of the Xbox. This version does not include the trim pot for external LCD.


  • Play all homebrew

  • Play all original imports

  • Run Debug Executables

  • LBA48 Hack

  • Big HDD (2TB max) support

  • Embedded In Game Reset (IGR)

  • Compatible with all EvolutionX software

  • No-patch hack

  • Eject trick hack

  • Auto patch new media flag titles

  • Support for XBOX v1.6

  • Works on all regions

  • Three boot modes; Off-On-Write Protect

  • Can be flashed (upgraded)

  • Open tool design

  • Compatible with XBOX v1.0 - v1.6


Aladdin XT Modes:
Off - Tap the power button and the Xbox starts as normal with the original BIOS.
On - Press and hold power button for 1 second and the Aladdin XT is activated with flash protected.
Upgrade - Press and hold power button for 2 seconds and the Aladdin XT is activated with flash write enable.

Visual Mode Indication:
The power LED will indicate the current mode by different colors.
Off - Green (Normal) / Orange (HDD access)
On - Orange (Normal) / Green (HDD access)
Upgrade - Sequence Red, Orange, flashing Green during HD access


Xbox Version 1.0 - 1.1

Xbox Version 1.2 - 1.5

Xbox Version 1.6

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