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Digital Voltage Detector

This tester is suitable for measuring 12-220v AC & DC directly as well as measure the ground, phase & breakpoint of the AC directly. more info....

Recoton Digital Optical Cable

Recoton 6ft. Digital Optical Cable.  Transmits a digital audio signal from a DVD player, satellite receiver, etc., to a home theater receiver.  Includes two Toslink-to-mini adapters for use with any optical connection.  more info...

Premium Digital Optical Cable

Premium 4ft. Digital Optical Cable.  Transmits a digital audio signal from a DVD player, satellite receiver, etc., to a home theater receiver. Tethered protection caps on both ends.  more info...

HDMI / DVI Cable

Connects components with HDMI & DVI interfaces to each other. Take advantage of what next generation video components have to offer with this HDMI/DVI cable. Experience ultra-realistic high-definition images to the fullest on your LCD monitor and enjoy sharp, detailed video at screen resolutions. more info...

blacklight.jpg (8636 bytes)

Black Light Fixture

Includes 6-Ft. Power Cord, Mounting Hardware, 18" Bulb, and On/Off Switch. OEM Boxed. No Assembly Required.

ufolight.jpg (15150 bytes)

UFO Fiber Optic Light

Fiber optic strands change colors as the light flashes on and off. Includes on/off switch. Retail Boxed. Battery operated, requires two “AA” batteries, sold separately.

Strobe Light

3 1/4" X 5" Strobe Light. Features variable flash speed, built in bracket for hanging and a 69" power cord. Each retail boxed. more info...

LED Laser Strobe

This LED Laser Strobe Light with multiple colors and 7 preset light patterns.  New sound activated feature.  more info...

avcleankit.jpg (80503 bytes) Home AV Cleaning Kit

Complete home Audio Video Cleaning Kit - VCR, CD/LD, DVD, Tape, etc.

2 Prong Power Cord (polarized)


Standard Universal double barrel polarized (square on one end, round on the other) power cord. 6' Long. Works for many laptops, boomboxes, DVD players, printers, game consoles and other consumer electronics



Door Window Entry Alarm

Easy installation door & window entry alarm. Easily mount by adhesive tape to window or door. Magnetic sensor switch detects entry protecting your home or office. Loud 90 dB(A) alert. more info...

ebaywirejeep189[1].jpeg (62530 bytes) Wiring Harness 80-1002

Metra Brand Jeep/Eagle 1989-96 to Universal

Installation Kit 99-4544

Metra Brand General Motors 1982-UP