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Sony PSP Accessories
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Sony PSP Core System

PSP is the first truly integrated handheld entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications music. video. communication. and wireless networking. with games as its primary driver. PSP brings the gaming experiences up to a brand new level with high quality video. and amazing stereo audio system. Sony PSP Factory Refurbished Core System. more info...

PSP Movie Stand & Rapid Recharger

An absolute necessity for comfortable movie viewing. Smart Recharge programming. Automatically shuts off when fully recharged. Cool blue glow, illuminates in dark. USB 2.0 Data link ports are exposed and ready.  more info...

PSP Charging Cradle

Put your device into this stylish black cradle and place it on any flat surface and you can sit back, relax and watch movies without needing to hold the PSP. Also can charge your PSP while you watch.  more info...

PSP Deluxe Kit

PSP Deluxe Starter Kit for the Sony PSP: The absolute necessities to start enjoying your PSP game console. Includes protective face shield, carrying case, car charger, game case & 2 analog sticks. more info...

PSP 4in1 Console Shield 360

Brand new PSP 4 in one console shield. Movie Stand to view and share movies with a friend. Rubber grip base secures the stand for comfortable movie viewing. Built in groove rubber grips, allows non-slip gameplay at any angle. more info...

PSP Aluminum Armor Box

Protect your PSP with the sleekest hard case yet. The Aluminum Armor's metal casing and form fitting design provides heavy duty protection against scratches, dirt and drops without adding excess bulk.  Available in 3 colors: Blue Silver & Black.  more info...

PSP Rigid Screen Protector

Protect the screen of your PSP against dirt and scratches. The rigid screen is crystal clear and fastens securely to the top of your unit with two screw nobs. Precision design gives access to all gaming controls and even stays stable under intense gaming action. more info...

PSP 2in1 Data/Charge Cable

2-in-1 USB power cable & data cable for PSP game console.  Not only is it perfect for downloading video, music or pictures, but it also charges your PSP game console. more info...  

PSP Car Charger

The PSP car charger is the ideal travel companion for your PSP console. It is specifically designed to provide you with the convenience of using your PSP on the go. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and then to the PSP to either charge your PSP or use as an external power source. more info...

Sony PSP AC Adapter

This 3rd party Sony PSP AC Adapter (PSP-100) is a dependable wall charger for your PSP at a great price! Completely recharges your Sony PSP battery in only 2 hours. UL Approved for safety and design for your convenience. more info...



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