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PS3 Cooling Fan

Added cooling for high temperatures of the PS3 console.   Attaches the back of the PS3 console through the USB port - works with any USB port. No external power necessary! Protect your investment! Increased system stability & performance! more info...

PS3 Silicon Controller Sleeve

The considerable design giving absolute protection to the standard PS3 controller - a high quality silicon plastic protection sleeve. Made of a soft material and a beautiful design. You will never have to worry about your controller being scratched. more info...

PS3 HDMI to HDMI Cable

Take advantage of what next generation gaming consoles have to offer with this PLAYSTATION 3 HDMI cable.  Gold-plated contacts for maximum signal transfer rates along with copper conductors for minimal signal interference make this cable the premier choice for taking your high-definition experience to the next level. more info...

PS2 to PS3/PC USB Adapter

Now you can use your PlayStation 2 controller on your PS3 or your PC! The PS2 to PS3/PC Cable Converter has been specially designed to be used on most PS3 games. You can also use the same cable and use your PS2 controller/gamepad on your PC without installing any additional software.  more info...

PS2 Slim Power Stand

This is a brand new Hip Gear PS2 Power Stand stand secures your PS2 Slim console vertically to save space (the new generation slim model or 7000 series).  Not only that but it will also callow you to turn on an off any time from the front.  more info...

PS2 6in1 Gift Pack

Comes with a stylish vertical stand, dust covers, dual-shock game pad, joypad extension cable, AV cable,  and DVD remote control w/ advanced features.  more info...

PS2 GT Racing Wheel

GT Racing King wheel and pedals.  Works with both Sony Playstation 2 and PC USB. Rubberized and textured hand grips for comfort and control with strong vibration feedback. Six gas and speed LED indicators.  more info...

PS2/Playstation Aftershock Steering Wheel

Officially licensed ACSII Aftershock Racing Wheel and Pedals kit.  The ultra realistic vibrating steering wheel for the Playstation and PS2 consoles. more info...

PS2 Dual Controller Wireless Converter (PC/USB)

Playstation, PSOne and PS2 controllers can be connected to PS2 game console or PC USB by this 2.4GHz Wireless PS2/PC 2 in 1 Converter, which turns 2 standard controllers into 2 2.4GHz wireless controllers. Includes built in battery recharger.  more info...

PS2 Dual Shock Controller - Playtech

Dual shock controller for your Sony Playstation and/or PS2 game system.  Standard layout/design with advanced turbo & slow motion buttons. more info...  

PS2 ClashPads Dual Controllers

A brand new controller pack for PS2 that will create havoc for gamers, changing the way multiplayer games are played! PS2 ClashPads Game Pads.  more info...

PS2 Wireless Controller

Hip Gear Wireless 2.4Ghz RF controller with 30' range and up to 50 hours of gameplay on one set of batteries. Compatible with PS2 & PSone.  more info...

PS2 Slim Cooling Fan

The Next Generation in PS2 Coolers specifically designed for the PS2 Slim Console - PS2 70000 Series. Protect your investment! Increases consoles air intake.  more info...

ps2componentcable.jpg (94715 bytes) PS2/PS3 Component AV Cable

This PS2 high definition AV cable. Stereo audio inputs (Left and Right) & Dual component video inputs (Y, Pb, and Pr). 

PS2 Gold Skin

PS2 golden vinyl skin case mod.  Available for both the standard PS2 console and PS2 Slim console. more info...

PS2 Dust Covers

PS2 Dust Cover protects your investment by preventing the dust damage your PS2 console - Prevent the USB and IEEE1394 port from dust - Prevent the vent of the PS2 form dust - Fully compatible for PS2 console.

PSX2 Dust Cover

Prevent the USB/IEEE1394 port from dust. Suitable for all modes of PSX2 (Not US Version PS2!)

PS2 8' Extension Cable w/ Spool

8 feet PS2 Extension Cable Spool conveniently extends your controller cable by eight feet. Compatible with Playstation, PSOne or PS2 game console more info...

ps2optical.jpg (19415 bytes) PS2 Optical Cable

Used to Connect your PS2 to high end audio system.  Over 3' long.



Universal Auto RF Switch (Xbox, PS2, Gamecube)

Universal 6 IN 1 RF Pro Switch with AV Output (Gold Plated). Connects your game console to your TV
Compatible with Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo™ 64, PlayStation2, PSone & PlayStation. Includes AV output for dual screen play. more info...

PS2 Slim AC Adapter

AC adapter for your Sony Playstation 2 Slim game system. AC 100V-240V DC:8.5V.  For SCPH-7000 Series. more info...

PS2 Verticle Stand

This Playstation 2 Vertical Stand can secures your PS2 and highlights its sleek design with PS2 black and blue accents, and your video game console/DVD player is fully functional in its vertical position.

ps2cdfelt.jpg (16786 bytes) PSOne, PSX, PS2 CD Protection Mat

Felt mat protects your games from scratches.


PS2 Metal Travel Case

PS2 travel suitcase with transparent window. Molded foam inserts securely hold your Sony Playstation 2 console, controllers, cables, etc. Made from sturdy refined aluminum. more info...

PS2 Plastic Travel Case

Hard Plastic PS2 Travel Case. Perfect protection for traveling.  Includes molded spots to safely store your Sony Playstation 2 console, controllers and cables. more info...

PS2 DVD Region Free

Now you can play import DVD movies from other regions on your Sony Playstation 2. Play ALL Region DVD movies on your PS2 console. more info...

Playstation Digital GamePad

"Previously Played" Playstation Digital GamePad in sealed retail package.  Comes in assorted colors, makes & models.  All standard Playstation controllers have at least one advanced feature like "turbo, slow motion, etc" and are guaranteed to work. more info...

Playstation Analog Controller

ACSII Game Pad for the Sony Playstation, PSOne & PSX console.  Analog controllers with ergonomic design. more info...



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