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Dollar DVDs Classics - Comedy Titles

Each DVD includes one full length movies, one cartoon and one classic T.V. episode.  Fully registered and re-mastered.


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Classic Comedy Duos

The Flying Deuces - Laurel & Hardy star in this madcap escapade.  At War with the Army - This slapstick classic stars the hilarious team of Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin

Famous Comedians

My Favorite Brunette - Starring Bob Hope, Dorothy lamour, Lon Chaney & Peter Lorre.  The Dick Van Dyke Show - Never Name a Duck, Rob's family gets attached to a duck named Stanley.

Family Funnies

Featuring the faithful adaptation of comic strip Li'l Abner, a beautiful animated cartoon classic and a classic episode of the Andy Griffith Show, this is a laugh-fest of down-home family enterntainment.

Comic Genius

Nothing Sacred - starring Carole Lombard & Fredric March.  If you enjoy silly, side-splitting screwball comedy, then this is the collection for you.

America Laughs

There's nothing better than a good laugh when you want to relax.  Life With Father - starring William Powell & Elizabeth Taylor.  The Andy Griffith Show - The Darling clan comes to town and get into trouble.

Comedy Jamboree

Love and Laughs at Andy Harty - starring Mickey Rooney & Bonita Granville.  A surefire treat for the entire family.  Includes an episode of the Andy Griffith Show - Opie & the Spoiled Child

Standing Ovation

Delight your entire family with this collection from Hollywood's golden age.  From the debonair performance of Cary Grant in His Girl Friday to the slapstick genius of Lucille Ball in The Lucy Show - Lucy in Palm Springs

Laugh Out Loud Theater

Country Gentlemen - Vaudeville legends Ole Olsen & Chic Johnson star in this wacky comedy about a couple of swindlers.  The Beverly Hillbillies - Jethro strikes oil in the back yard.

Smile Theater

Featuring a superb romantic comedy Eternally Yours with Lorretta Young & David Niven.  Also and episode of the The Lucy Show - Lucy Gets a Roomate.