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Dollar DVDs Classics -  Family Titles

Each DVD includes one full length movies, one cartoon and one classic T.V. episode.  Fully registered and re-mastered.


Image Description Cart Price
Family Favorites

A warm hearted treat for all ages.  Featuring Hollywood's favorite canine Lassie in The Painted Hills.  Plus a charming short starring beloved child star Shirley Temple in Pardon My Pups

Family Delights

Zany fun for the whole family.  Father's Little Dividend is a delightful sequel to the 1950 comedy hit Father of the Bride with Spencer Tracy & Elizabeth Taylor.  Plus a classic episode of Blondie

Family Adventure

Chivalrous knights and good hearted rogues come together in the is exciting DVD collection.  Sword of Lancelot plus an episode of The Adventures of Robin Hood

Family Fantasy Favorites

The Little Princes - starring Shirley Temple & Richard Greene.  A 1939 classic musical tale about girl left in the care of a boarding school.  Plus an episode of Glad Rags to Riches